Monday, June 1, 2009

What Heaven Is Like

Though I only have 32 short years of life on this earth to draw from, I am sure I have found bliss that cannot be surpassed. That bliss is the sound of my daughter's warm breath, the feel of her tiny hand in mine, and the aura of her sweet soul as she drifts off to sleep beside me. Those moments are so poignant and so bittersweet, because I am always thinking about how I can't capture them, hold on to them, prolong them, or save them for later, when she is no longer interested in being close to me or in holding my hand.

I think one of the biggest surprises from parenthood is the intensity of fear that comes along with it. There is a constant, nagging fear that you try to ignore. This fear that that joy could suddenly be taken away, or that something could harm this little being that trusts you so implicitly. The fear of them facing this harsh, harsh world.

But oh, how it is worth the bliss.