Friday, November 13, 2009

New Favorite Things - for Postpartum Moms and for Newborns

This book, The Second Nine Months, will make you hurt so bad from laughing that you will need an extra Percocet. The author is painfully honest and FINALLY provides a realistic perspective on life after delivery. Even if you had your child years ago, this is a must read. I think all new dads should read it as well. Heck, anyone at all would probably find it laugh out loud funny.

The Sleepy Wrap is my new best friend. It is the only way I have been able to get a nap during the day - I wrap my new baby in it, lie on my back, and we both catch some shut eye. Plus, it doesn't look quite as dorky as some of the other baby carriers.

I love, love, love this Yummy Tummy tank that my wonderful sister bought me. I probably never would have spent this much on a tank top myself, but now that I've worn it I think it is totally worth the money. It definitely minimizes the post-partum belly and is actually an attractive looking nursing tank. They also have non-nursing items that would be great for any woman looking to minimize the mid-section!

Leggings are quite forgiving under an oversized shirt or cute dress. I love the new modern take on the 80s stirrup legging (trust me, they aren't the atrocious kind that we tucked into our multicolored, fluorescent socks).

I love leggings with the bootie (also an 80s throwback) - this Nine West version is one of my favorites. When buying clothes is a less than desirable undertaking, there is nothing like a pair of new shoes to pick you up!

I love this nursing cover because it doesn't look like you are wearing a doily off your grandmother's side table.


  1. So glad you're liking your Sleepy Wrap! I love mine, too. It's the coziest thing. That nursing cover is quite cute - much cuter than the crazy-patterned thing I have. Henry won't nurse under cover anymore, though, so I'm out in the open and learning to be as discreet as one can be with her breast exposed in public. At this point I'm actually more OK with it than my husband - he's constantly repositioning the stroller and its sun shade trying to block me from view of the whole wide world. Sometimes I think if I just flashed everyone and got it over with, it wouldn't be a big deal anymore.

  2. Great list! I also loved the Yummy Tummy tank. They really helped sucked things in. :) I got a gift certificate for a massage AND an offer to stay home with the baby (she was sleeping and I made it home before she woke up) and that rocked!

    A friend of mine also sent me some Mrs. Patel's Milk Makers - the Peanut Butter bars. They were yum, yum, yummy! They were my morning treats for myself. Plus, I was having some low supply issues and these amped up my milk. Yay!