Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dog Strollers. Seriously?

Okay dog fanatics, don’t attack me for this one.  Or sic your pit bull on me.  I am a dog lover too.  But a dog stroller?  Maybe for a dog that has hip dysplasia or sipped one too many Mai Tais, but I see healthy normal (albeit a little fat – probably from being pushed around all day) Maltese puppies being pushed in these crazy things.


How can you look at this without laughing hysterically?

When I searched “dog stroller” one of the first entries made me guffaw - “which stroller is right for your dog?”  Um, what?  THE ONE THAT SAYS I HAVE COMPLETELY LOST MY FREAKING MIND?

I admit we were that metro couple without children who once thought our dogs were people.  We dressed them up for Halloween, for crying out loud.  But they asked us to. 

Halloween dogs

And perhaps we talked about them a bit too much in social settings.  Just like proud parents who go on too long about their child’s potty habits.  So we thought others might find it interesting that our adorable little Pomeranian likes leopard print and a good jazz cd.  Big deal.

But a dog stroller?  Never.

What I would like to see is an adult-sized people stroller.  I really could have used one of those when I was pregnant.  Even now, it would be really nice to rest my post-partum bulge on the tray and sip a nice glass of Merlot from my sippy cup nicely situated in a cup holder and have my dear husband push me around the mall.  Perhaps if I make good choices he will buy me some Chick Fil-A and one of those cookie sandwiches with M&Ms for eyes. 

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