Sunday, January 31, 2010

Proof that there is no hope for me to be funny. Ever.

Because when my cousin, who has a Ph.D. in MATH for crying out loud (or something like that, sorry Dave) is this funny, there is NO CHANCE I"ll be even remotely amusing.  Ever.  What math genius have you ever met who is funny?

And I'm not a genius about anything (except reality t.v., but I'm not sure if that would win me anything on the Miss America talent contest) so I don't even have that going for me.

So Dave writes this hilarious post and e-mails it to my family.  

My mom responds:

"Leave it to Dave to get a smile on your face!!!  Honey you missed your calling.  Not sure what your calling is by the way.  BTW did you have anything to do with the poor stuffed sheep that had its ears pinned together and a knife strapped to its waist?
Aunt Marilyn"

Dave's reply:

"Poor Sheep?  (you'll have to upload a photo, so the others know what we're talking about)

That, my dear, is a Samurai Sheepkin, most feared of all bucolic beasts.  It will watch your house while you're gone.  Just leave it some sushi once in a while.  With lots of seaweed.


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  1. Hehe. I just saw this. Nice shot of the Sheepkin.