Saturday, January 30, 2010

Valentine's Day - What a Farce

I only say that because it makes me feel better about myself when my oh-so-practical "look at me, I was raised in a third world country, so I'm too good for frivolous stuff" husband doesn't buy me any Valentine's Day gifts.

He tells me every year: "Every day with me is Valentine's Day."

It wouldn't be so freaking irritating if it weren't kind of true. Great, he reads this and I'm never going to get Manolo shoes after admitting that.

It is kind of like my birthday, when he tells me: "When I was a kid in Vietnam, no one remembered my birthday. The only present I ever got was water. To put on my dirt and make mud."


Not that I'm getting that scrooge anything either.

But for the rest of you lucky morons, check out my shopping site, The Shopping Guru, for gift suggestions. And no, I wouldn't mind at all if you bought me one of the things I suggested. By all means.

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