Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Doing for Myself

Well, I've waited hopefully for some sign of life out there, but it appears I am writing this sad little blog for me and me alone. Instead of throwing in the towel (which I seriously considered) I have decided to plug ahead. At the very least, I can work on my writing skills and may have something that I can print and give to my dear children, who will likely file it away in the "useless stuff mom gave me that I can't throw away" drawer.

Speaking of doing things for me and me alone, have I mentioned how much I love the heightened level of aggression I've taken on during this pregnancy? What a great feeling, demanding what I want. On top of that, I don't care whether it ticks other people off *evil laugh*. So lovely.

After recently reading a series of blogs about the horror of adjusting to a second child, I think I am going to spend the remaining few weeks of my pregnancy relaxing and enjoying life as much as I can. I am treasuring this time by rocking my little girl in the morning as long as she wants me to, going to bed early and sleeping late, lazing around with my husband, and looking for ants with my daughter.

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  1. Hey, Jen, if you can put up with my blather, I'll try to keep up with you.

    It's not difficult to fit the new child into your life (that will be easy) it is suddenly realizing that you love this new child as much as your first-born and you feel guilty at letting the first-born know this. And she may take awhile to accept this also; but she will.