Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thank You for Reading

Well, I just reviewed my analytics for this silly little blog, and it looks like I actually have a reader base, and y'all are reading from all over, including from outside the U.S.! Analytics is so cool - it shows me where my readers are from (e.g., my loyal readers, mom and dad, obviously read the post about grandparents because I see two readers from their town who viewed the site today). My post about what to do in boring meetings had no clicks, so must not have been too interesting, but my post about women lying to one another was quite popular.

Since I know you are out there, anything in particular you want to hear about? Some days I just can't think of anything to say, but want to keep it interesting and reader-friendly if possible. Fire away.

In the meantime, a funny little off-topic story to keep things interesting. I think I'm going to have to buy a shirt from cute little Jimmy Winkelmann, an inventive teenager who had a brilliant idea for a clothing line called South Butt. Apparently big mean North Face has a problem with his new company.


  1. Ooo, maybe potty training? A good friend told me, very honestly I might add, that starting boys before age three was a waste and that even after they're trained accidents are inevitable. It was nice to hear an honest perspective from someone in the trenches with three kids, rather than the happy face responses I get most of the time. Kids aren't perfect, and I really don't believe that they all of a sudden just "get it" without having problems.

  2. How do you run analytics? I'm curious about doing that for my own blog.

  3. Good idea, I'll work on one on potty training.

    Audrey, you can set it up through google analytics. If you already have a blogger/google account, you should see a link to google analytics on your "my account" page. It takes a little bit of reading and thinking to get it set up, and once you set it up it takes a day or two to get up and running. After that, you don't have to do any work - you just check it as often as you want and it shows you all the analytics on your site.