Saturday, September 12, 2009

Honestly Grateful

I awoke this morning after a night of restless sleep due to the six-point turns I have to make to turn over in bed.  It is like backing a semi-trailer into a "Compact Only" parking space in New York City.  Feeling big, grumbly, and just generally uncomfortable, I had the sense that this could be a miserable day.

Just as I was at the peak of feeling sorry for myself, an angelic little face holding a well-worn puppy dog greeted me with a matter-of-fact "I need to go potty."  I proceeded to execute (rather skillfully) my six-point turn and hoisted myself out of my comfortable bed.  Just a few moments later, as I listened to her laugh and watched her welcome the morning with joy and openness, I realized just how much attitude influences the day.

The discomfort and pain of my state is just a reminder that a healthy baby girl is growing inside of me, relying on me to keep her safe and healthy.  I am reminded of dear friends who would love to feel that discomfort, if it meant everything would be okay.  Dear friends who are so filled with love and gratitude despite their own loss and their own pain.  Out of love and respect for them, I am honestly grateful this morning.

If you are in the market for a charity to support, here are a couple that have been top of mind for me lately:

Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

March of Dimes


  1. Well said Jen. Thinking and praying for our dear friend today as well.

  2. The whole situation is just beyond sad. We're praying for her here too. Thanks for such a nice post!